A Quick Update

I am becoming more accustomed to sleeping on the street, most of the time I can sleep through any noise made by passersby or the other homeless – that is, unless they are making noise right next to my tent.   I’m also getting quicker at setting up and breaking down the tent, a skill that has come in handy  as the police did a sweep down the street recently. I was out of there before they realized it.

I lost my hat the other day, so when I went down to the beach to take a shower, I ended up with a serious burn on my head and face.  My scalp was so hot you could light cigarettes on it.  My bald head actually blistered.  Will have to visit Walmart again soon, for a new hat.

I will be looking at an available apartment this afternoon.  Wish me luck.

UPDATE:  went to look at the apartment at 11am and was told to come back at 2.  I returned at 2 and was told that no one would be available today, to show me the apartment.


About Kevin Barbieux

I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless

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  1. Good luck Kevin! We are rooting for you!


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