Nightly Noise

At the beginning of each month, with my freshly deposited SSI check, I check into a cheap motel room for a couple days and take a break from sleeping on the streets.  But sidewalk sleeping, cement surfing, requires an adjustment from the way I normally sleep, so when I do sleep on a mattress in the cheap hotel, after weeks on the streets, it takes some getting used to.  Then it’s to the streets again and adjusting back to that.

Sidewalk surfing isn’t as bad as you might think, although doing so in a regular camp ground would be preferable.  I don’t mind the hardness of the ground as long as I have a sleeping bag to lie on.  The only real problem is all the activity going on just outside my tent.  Yes, I’ve already written about that.

A couple times, people walking past have kicked at my tent while I was in it. And I’ve heard comments coming from outside the tent like, “hey you think someone’s actually in that tent?  Let’s jump on it.”  Luckily for me another person chimed in, ‘Umm, that’s usually how bad things get started.”  They passed by without incident.

Also, it seems that when homeless people camping across the street from me get into an argument, one or another of the people involved will run across the street to my side, stand right next to my tent and yell obscenities back across.   Last night I heard some guy yell out, “ah suck my dick you crack head!” to which the the guy next to my tent yelled back, “Well I did,  and it was the worst mistake of my life.”

I think that 999 times out of a thousand nothing is going to happen to me when this goes on, and so perhaps it would be better for me, so to relax and sleep, if I put in some head phones or ear plugs and just tune out that noise.


About Kevin Barbieux

I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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