"Joe" Starring Nicolas Cage

Ho – lee – shiat !   I just saw a movie ‘ blowed me the f*ck away!

If you want to see what it’s like to be homeless, at least for some people, then watch this movie!!!  The movie is “Joe” staring Nicolas Cage (an often over rated actor in my opinion, though he does a good job in this movie).   The movie happens to be the 99 cent movie of the week on iTunes.  So I downloaded it, not knowing anything about it.   Though named after the lead character, the movie is actually more about a homeless family that Joe encounters.

The movie does have a couple of weaknesses that are easily dismissed in light of other spectacular aspects of the movie.  What blew me away the most was the acting of Gary Poulter, who played the father of this homeless family.  Every single aspect of the character portrayal was perfect.

He had every detail of a homeless man down to perfection, his look, his speech, his attitude and overall demeanor, every slight facial expression, even his body posture as he moved, was exactly as his type of homeless person behaves.   And I was wondering, I’d never seen this guy in movies before, still what he did was oscar worthy.  But, I didn’t recall hearing anything about him this past year.

And then I checked the movie on IMDB.com.   Evidently the director is known for hiring locals to play in his movies.  And lo and behold I read that the role of the homeless family’s father, was played by an actual homeless man, Gary Poulter.  And then I read that a few months after filming stopped, Gary died, drowned in a lake.

Besides the acting perfection of several of the actors, the story line is so true to life, I can’t help but think the author experienced homelessness himself, or did extensive research for the script. For people wanting to know what homelessness is really like, I highly recommend this film.   Know that not all homeless people are like the people in the movie, but they certainly do represent a certain aspect of the homeless population that should not be overlooked.   Wow… going to watch it again before the rental times out.


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