UPDATE: A donation came through this morning, so I was able to have breakfast.

I may have to give it a go.  How much could I make?  What trouble would I get into?   I hate facing the public and hate getting into trouble.  It makes my anxiety go way up.   Still, homelessness is expensive.  People say, “oh but all your needs are met with homeless services.”  To that I say “HA!”  Have you ever tried to get your needs met with homeless services?  Every homeless service provider should come with a general warning, “Too little, too late.”

Been to McDonalds lately? Most items on their “Dollar Menu” are now a dollar and a half.   Doing a load of laundry is 5 bucks.  City buses cost 5 dollars a day.  Every time I go to some cafe or restaurant, so to use the wifi I have to buy something to justify being there for hours at a time.   Or to just have a place to sit down or to get out of inclement weather, or use the restroom.  And we all know how expensive coffee shops are, even bottled water is 2 dollars or more.  Thankfully Subway still has 5 dollar subs, (of their cheapest sandwiches – cold cuts, and salads)

Now that I have a tent and sleeping bag and other possessions, I’m not allowed to go into the library, that is, unless I leave all my stuff outside, and there’s no way I’m going to do that.  My stuff would be stolen so fast.

Now that we are officially out of tourist season, the hotel rooms are the cheapest of the year.  I can find hotel rooms for as little as 45 dollars in downtown San Diego, (they also require a 50 dollar deposit, to prevent thievery and vandalism).  So, for 95 dollars I can get a room for one night, and 45 dollars for each additional night.

This reminds me, I need to get some duct-tape for my tent.  It has recently developed tears in crucial areas that must be repaired or the tent wont stand up.


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I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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