How Can I Help The Homeless With Immediate Needs

The immediate needs of the homeless are the basic every-day needs of every person, homeless or not.   Food, shelter, and clothing always top the list.  But there are many other daily needs of the homeless that may not come to mind right away.

You brush your teeth every day, (at least I hope you do).  The homeless need to brush their teeth just as often.

Tooth brush and tooth paste and dental floss

You take a shower every day, (please take a shower every day). The homeless need to shower every day too.

Soap and shampoo and a towel

You wear deodorant?  Thank you. The homeless need deodorant too.

Deodorant and talcum powder

Are your nails trimmed and neat?

Nail clippers and nail files

Are you getting the idea?   Just look in your bathroom cabinets and drawers for more inspiration of the things that homeless people need, but probably don’t have because they can’t afford them.

Gift bags for the homeless have been popular ever since I blogged about them in 2002.   It’s an easy project in which everyone can participate.

Please read the above link about making gift bags for the homeless.

If you would rather do something else than gift bags, there are still other things you can do  to help homeless people with their immediate needs.    You can volunteer at a shelter or you could join up with another group that is already doing the gift bags.  I’m sure they could use all the help you can give.  And by watching how they operate you can better learn how to do it, when you decide to do it on your own, or decide to start up your own group of volunteers.


About Kevin Barbieux

I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless

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  1. TLC

    We have a Buddhist center where I live that assembles backpacks of needed items & distributes amongst the homeless in our city. I'm really glad they do that.


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