So I Did Survive The Night

I didn’t get jumped last night. But, every thing I heard and saw sure looked like something was about to happen.   When I got to my ‘camping’ area at 11pm, all the homeless people across the street were up and active, talking up a storm, acting like they were at a party.  That in itself was peculiar because most of them are usually asleep, or at least lying down by then.  And what were they all talking about?  Street fights – You know, sometimes people just have to be taught some respect, etc etc.,  Some guy had a crowbar and was banging it on the side walk, other kept walking back and forth across the street.

I went ahead and set up my tent and got in it, but tried to stay awake, keeping things that could be used in self defense nearby.  After about an hour they settled down, those who were still talking no longer sounded like they were hyped up on the idea of a fight.  It was then the idea hit me that the crowd was behaving the way it was because possibly there had been a fight there before I showed up. I wanted to stay awake longer but my lack of sleep got the better of me and I was out.   I awoke again about 3am and the street was completely silent.  Then I awoke at 4.50 am and decided to get up and back up my tent and things.


About Kevin Barbieux

I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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