Trying some dictation

I am talking to my phone and expecting it to dictate into this post without me having to go back and fix any spell in.

Now that is too funny. I am currently sitting at the bus stop. I have about 20 minutes to wait for the number 35 bus to show up. I will take the bus to the trolley and the trolley will take me to the library is currently 72° in San Diego with clear sunny skies. Back in Nashville they are having hello low temperatures. That should be below not hello. At least the second attemptgot it right. The filter I’m staying at now. No that’s shelter not filterthat I am staying at now is located a few miles away from downtown San Diego. It is a different environment.although it is mostly retail in this area it seems more relaxed. It’s just a different vibe than living downtown I don’t feel so homeless sitting on a bus stop here. There are no tall buildings around but there are lots of palm trees.still most of the people who walks the sidewalks around here are homeless or living poverty or are disabled if you have a decent normal life you’ll be driving a car and not out walking the sidewalks funny how”” Normal people have abandoned sidewalks and have left them to the destitute.

About Kevin Barbieux

I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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