Almost Christmas

Just a handful of days remain before Christmas, an event that is argueabley more “American” than anything other, not just in the US but in the whole world. Sure, other countries put their own spin on things, but one still cannot deny the influence of the US over the rest of the world.  The US gave capitalism (in it’s current form) to the world, and nothing is more “capitalistic” than Christmas. Even the religious aspect of the holiday is mostly American. No other country has been as successful at spreading that religion around the world than the US. In the United States, we may spend a weekend in preparation for the celebration of our country’s birth, but here we are consumed by Christmas for 3 months or more.  It is a time when we give praise to the virtues of peace and of sharing our personal joy of life with others.

But, there are nearly a million (by some estimates) people who will be homeless during the season, or on the verge of becoming homeless, and so their hearts are unable to connect with any feelings of peace or joy.

If Christmas is truly an extention of the Christian religion, every Christian should be extending themselves to those people who are doing without during the holidays, not just with material goods, but with the things that capitalism has no bearing on.

Funny that many Christians believe that they are most fully Christian when they participate in capitalism, (conforming to the status quo which in the US is the pursuit of happiness through money).

During these holidays, Christians and not, should not extend themselves to the poor and homeless by only handing out a pair of socks, or a sandwich, but by sitting down at the table with the homeless, and sharing themselves, actually engaging the homeless in conversation, in telling the homeless about their own lives and asking the homeless about their own.  The homeless have more than stories of woe.  Homeless people have stories of hope and happiness to share as well.  You just have to ask.  And allowing a homeless person to bless your life with a positive story will do you both a great deal of good.


About Kevin Barbieux

I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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