Yep, It’s A Full Blown Cold

I’ve got a cold.  I hate colds.  I will fight it off as best I  can.  Colds are a distraction and make people weak, and feel miserable.  My previous post had grammatical errors in it that messed up the meaning of what I was saying.   I’ve tried to fix some of that today.

One thing that I’m now very proud about in the war on “Colds” is that I was recently proven right about something I’ve been saying for years.  Science has just now caught up with me.   You know how people have been saying that cold weather doesn’t give people a “cold”?  Well, in a way it actually does.  That’s because when a person is feeling cold, his/her body responds by dedicating more energy to maintaining it’s internal temperature.  The human body has only so much energy to distribute to all it’s functions.  So, in working to keep the body temp normal, there is less energy in the body to fight off the germs and viruses that surround us.

Besides everything else you do to fight off colds, make sure you stay plenty warm enough!

On a side note, if your baby has a cold, be careful that you don’t over do it with too many layers of clothing.  You can very easily overheat and thus do harm to the child.

Warmer weather is coming to San Diego… yay!


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