About The Best Homeless Shelter Of All

The best homeless shelter of all would be no shelter at all.  Of course I’ll explain.

Up until just recently, homelessness and services for the homeless, have been thought of in just one way.  And because no one really much cared about the conditions that homeless people lived with, no one bothered to give homelessnessness a second thought.
But more people are getting involved, people who did not traditionally bother with homelessness, and they are bringing a whole new way of thinking about homeless people and homeless services.  And, these people are turning the entire homelessness industry on its head.
Most of these people are highly intelligent and educated, with degrees in social studies, sociology, anthropology, community design, and public policy.  They approach homelessness from a scientific perspective, and that’s made all the difference.
For so many years, the homelessness industry was in the domain of faith based organizations.  People just assumed that by giving homeless people religion, they were giving homeless people a solution to their problems.  Well, after several decades we now know that that approach just doesn’t work in any significant way.
Then the scientists came and started to study homelessness, applying scientific methods for developing an understanding of the true nature of the condition.  And from this, they have been able to develop better and more effective means to ending homelessness.   What has since been learned about homelessness has been so impressive that  even the government now supports these scientists, and the communities that adapt to the new ways of dealing with homelessness.
The ideas I express here are not originally mine, except perhaps my way of expressing them, or perhaps my particular take on how to arrange these elements to ending homelessness could be considered mine.   If anything I’ve ever said on this blog has inspired anyone in anyway, all I ask is to have my name plastered on a building somewhere.  That would be cool.

About Kevin Barbieux

I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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