Timothy Fix

The following is a conversation I had recently with a member of Timothy’s family:

Can i share a missing person poster with u and see if youve seen him around there?

The Homeless Guy

go ahead.

The Homeless Guy

I did see that poster a day or so, ago. thanks. I don’t recall having seen this person.

Would you mind keeping an eye out. He is said to be in the old town/imperial beach area

The Homeless Guy


Thank you so much.

And god bless you

He is my brother and weve been looking for him for 15 months

The Homeless Guy
Best bet is to contact the police in those areas. I rarely go to Old Town and have never been to Imperial Beach. But I’ll still keep an eye out.
The Homeless Guy

Still, are you sure he wants to be found? Does he have the ability to contact you?

He is schizophrenic and been off his meds.. Whether he wants to be found or not he isnt safe. And according to some ppl who have seen him he only says half of phone numbers. So it appears he isnt 100% there. He also isnt sure of his name so they call him john. My parents were there last week but no luck.

And even if thats what he wants we just want to make sure he is ok

Maybe offer him a phone

The Homeless Guy

Mind if I write about this on my blog? will keep names private, but would like to quote what you just wrote. It really bothers me how the laws have been interpreted regarding the mentally ill. That cops and the courts cannot intervine unless a person has proven him/herself to be a danger to themselves or the public, and that has been defined only as being suicidal.

The Homeless Guy

So, for this, they allow the mentally ill to wander the streets, lost in their own minds, and unable to connect with reality.

Please do write about it. My family is sickened on how all of this has been handled. We are on our own looking for a needle in a haystack.

Yes that is pretty much the jist of it.

And you can use names. It may help socially make it aware

On february 18th last year his payee in warren ohio sent him to the hospital in a taxi cab cuz he was suicidal. Havent seen or heard from him since. He never checked into the hospital.

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