Ideology and Ending Homelessness

Ideology is that set of ideas and ideals that people use to justify their actions.

Religion  and philosophy are a part of people’s ideology, but ideology is more than just those.  No person perfectly adheres to their religion or life philosophy, so we have to include other ideas as well.  But, because all people are different, our individual ideologies are somewhat different from each other’s.  Certainly conservative and liberal christians have different ideas about things and so they will do things differently, although they are both Christian, for example.
Trying to figure out solutions to homelessness, and finding the subject to be more complicated that people can understand, these people will resort to invoking their personal ideologies, as a way to make sense of homelessness and and as a means to possible solutions. 
Oddly enough, among the people who work with the homeless, it isn’t enough to find solutions to homelessness…whatever solutions are developed must meet the certain standards set forth in people’s ideologies.

To most people, it is not enough just to end homelessness, it must be ended in a certain way, a way that validates their ideologies.  If a person lives by the ideology that a man must earn whatever he gets in life, then just handing over the keys to an apartment, to a homeless person, will not set well with him.  He will declare that such a solution will not work, or will cause other problems, regardless of the evidence to the contrary.  The most common objection I’ve heard concerning Housing First is, “but the homeless don’t deserve it.”  Of course, in reality, nothing could be further from the truth, and doesn’t really understand what “deserve” means.  Usually the subjective matter of deserving things goes right over this person’s head.  Still, they will object to the use of the particular solution to homelessness, and will prevent it from being implemented.   This despite the fact that people receive, get, achieve, all manner of things without actually earning it.

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I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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