Me Now

I went to see a movie last night. The cashier didn’t even ask me my age, she just gave me the senior discount anyway. Today, getting onto the trolley, I tripped and fell. I couldn’t catch myself. My momentum had me sprawled on the trolley floor. Several people came to rescue me. I could hear them asking, “are you all right”, but I couldn’t respond right away, prompting them to continue asking. It was taking me a while to assess my condition. I remember thinking that I needed to get my leg out of the way of the automatic door. I wanted to sit for a while on the floor of the trolley, but people had their hands on me trying to lift me up.  My shin  throbbed in pain and wasn’t wanting to move until I had a better idea of how badly I was injured.  People around me seemed to want to move me along faster than I wanted to go.  Then someone actually hit the call button to the trolley driver.  (The trolley was still parked, but they never stay parked for long.  “you sure you don’t want me to call an ambulance?” the driver asked.  “I’ll be fine.”  “You sure about that?”

     I’m old.

About Kevin Barbieux

I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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