The Condition My Condition Is In

For several years I have had an issue with swelling ankles and calves.  But usually, after a night’s sleep, the swelling would recede.

Then a couple weeks ago, the swelling came on big time.  Both legs from the knees down swelled up like balloons, except they weren’t balloons at all. They were heavy and hardened.  They turned red and became hot.  And a night’s sleep does nothing to alleviate the issue anymore.  I was also feeling weak and achy.  Then on the 1st, when I received my SSI check I bought some compression socks.  They helped a little bit.  But after a couple days they’d no longer stay up on my legs, but would slide down to my ankles, creating huge indentations in my legs around my ankles.
Since then I’ve worked at changing my diet and that seems to have helped.  Swelling still persists, but not as bad as at first.  There is still some pain in my right leg which may have been caused by my fall when getting into the trolley last week – not sure though.  I’m also walking more.  Getting heavily involved in computer stuff, I was not aware that I hadn’t gotten any real exercise in a long time.  My weight had spiked too, recently, but in the past week I’ve lost several pounds for the walking and change in diet.  I’m guessing a diabetes/kidney issue is at the root of this.
No, I have not yet gone to a doctor, but I will if I get scared enough.  But the situation, though not completely healed is getting better.

About Kevin Barbieux

I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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