The Scariest Day Of The Year So Far

Today, I was supposed to receive my monthly SSI check.  It’s not much, heck, it won’t cover any kind of monthly rent, doesn’t even supply enough food for the month, but it does make all the difference in whether I survive the streets or not.

It’s actually not a check anymore, it’s a direct deposit.  And this morning, when I checked with the bank, there was no deposit.  I’d been cut off.

Now to painfully honest, I have said to myself, on more than one occasion, that if I stopped getting my monthly deposit, that life just wouldn’t be worth living any more – I planned on shuffling off the old mortal coil, as it were – take the big swan dive off the Coronado Bay bridge, or something of it’s equivalent.

But, before all that, I went to the Social Security office to see what was up.  Come to find out, I was due for a review of my status, and they couldn’t contact me – I never check the mail cause I never expect anything, and my phone’s been cut off.  So, they held up my check until I contacted them.  Funny how quickly people get in touch with social security when their money doesn’t show up as usual.

When I got called back to the office of the reviewer, things were straightened out rather quickly, the review was conducted, my benefits were reinstated, and they cut me a check for this month.

Now I have some money in my pocket, and I can get something decent to eat.  There shouldn’t be another review until next year.


About Kevin Barbieux

I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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