Calling It Quits and Sending The Rescue Flair

There comes a time during a project or venture, when you make all the assessments and determine that you can no longer go forward.   If I was rowing a boat across the Pacific, this is when I would radio in to be rescued.   I have not been able to achieve the goals i set for myself, which included becoming sustainable in some way out here.  I am exhausted and can go no farther.  Yes, it’s a failure of sorts. Big deal, just add it to the pile of all my other failures.  I’m not bothered by that.   Regardless I’ve learned a lot being out here.  I’ve clocked more street homelessness than ever, and have seen big city homelessness up close and very personal.  San Diego is beautiful and worth what people pay to live out here.  It’s a price tag that my SSI just cannot handle.  I will admit too that some things that have hindered me from making a go of it are my own issues.  Not only is housing expensive here, property managers are very strict, and things like having a past eviction become problematic.

I need help getting to some place off the street where I can  recouperate and rest up and fix my health problems. At the very least I need access to shelter on a daily basis, that isn’t time limited or lottery based.  Nashville is the only place I know with a shelter like that.  That’s the bare minimum.  What I really need is an apartment or at least a room that I could afford on my SSI.

If you can help me in this regard please contact me as soon as possible.  My row boat is sinking.


About Kevin Barbieux

I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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