How Homeless

Some people think that you can motivate homeless people to become regular citizens by punishing them.   But that just doesn’t work.  There’s nothing you can do to a homeless person that’s worse than being homeless – certainly not jail.  Jail is a step up from homelessness.

Homeless people are suffering, that’s because homelessness is an illness Punishment has no healing properties.  Punishing homeless people only makes people move to other areas, which is what most complainers about homelessness want.  They don’t really care about ending homelessness, they just don’t want homeless people near  them.What kind of sick and twisted people do you have to be to purposely make people suffer? Do we punish people for getting cancer?  No!  We actually move mountains for cancer patients so to make them as comfortable as possible. As much as possible we carry their burdens for them.  It only makes sense that we do the same for the homeless.

Every newly homeless person struggles against homelessness, and it is only after much futile struggling that they may eventually lose the desire to be a part of the larger society.  Is it any wonder, considering how society treats them?  But it is necessary for a homeless person to have that desire, if they are every going to overcome their homelessness.  So, society must reinstall that desire back into those homeless people.

Homeless people need to feel welcomed, and that they have a place in society where they are accepted for the people they are.   I’m not saying that society has to accept the bad behavior that some homeless poeple engage in.  Actually, real acceptance will motivate homeless people to behave better in society.

So, what kind of things can we do to help the homeless feel accepted, so that they rejoin society?  One thing that has worked really well is employment through selling homeless/street newspapers.  check out what happened in Nashville with The Contributor.   Or, do you operate a pet rescue?  Allow some homeless people to volunteer to do rescue work.  These days, pet programs are even being used in prisons to help reform prisoners.  Whatever it is that you do, that adds quality to your life, see if there isn’t a way that homeless people can be included.


About Kevin Barbieux

I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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