Feeling Better

The doctor had me sit up on the examination table, and then asked me to lift my leg up on the pull out table extension.  He put his hand under my calf to help.  As soon as he touched it he said, “Whoa!”  I took that as a sign that this 60 year old doctor had never seen a leg so swollen.  Both of my legs were the same.   One of the prescriptions he gave me was to help reduce the swelling, and after 4 days it’s come down a lot.  Still there are issues with my legs, some swelling and stiffness.  They are still red and radiate heat, and they are still weak.  I can’t walk very far yet.   I think it has helped that I’m now able to lie down at times during the day, as well as sleeping at night..

I am also taking meds for high blood pressure, although my bp isn’t really high.  It’s just constantly at an elevated rate 155/110.  Thing is, it’s been that way for decades, and doesn’t seem to hinder my activities.  Regardless, that med as me slowed down a little.

I’ll be getting some anti depression/anxiety medication soon too.  And I’ll be meeting with the head of the psych dept for an evaluation soon as well, so to start up therapy again.   Abungalow on the beach would probably be enough therapy for me 🙂 .

The end goal of this program I am now is in to get me into permanent housing of some kind.  That would be nice.


About Kevin Barbieux

I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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