Zoned Out

Have a long difficult day and all you want to do is sit down and turn on the tv to something completely meaningless and let it over take you so that your mind becomes completely removed and thinking of nothing. Back in the 70’s we called it zoning out. Do they still call it that today? It may be a lost art. These days, when people want to escape, they jump on the internet or plug into some computer game that whisks them off to some completely foreign land. We didn’t have such a luxury back in the 70s. Still I think today a lot of people are missing out. There’s a lot of benefit to achieving the “nothing” thought. It is relaxing. I’m sure there’s some kind of health benefit to it. Letting go of worries and concerns and anxieties, it gives you a moment of peace.

I bring this up because last week I started on Prozac, and for a while, as my brain became accustomed to the change in chemistry, I was in a zoned out kind of mind. No, I wasn’t zombified. I functioned normally, it’s just that my mind wasn’t preoccupied with the usual thoughts I have, and so I wasn’t really motivated to do much of anything other than basic life things.

I ate but not as much as I usually do – perhaps because I often eat for reasons other than hunger – it’s like a psychological compensation for a shitty life that I often over stuff my face with food. So, I’ve been losing weight. Still did laundry and showered and did my chores, etc., but when all that was taken care of and I opened up my laptop, I really wasn’t in a state of mind for writing or much of anything else. For the past week, I’ve mostly just listened to music and watched old movies I had downloaded from the net.

Now, a week later, and I’ve become acclimated to the change and I feel like I’m back to normal – minus the more depressed feelings. So, I should be more productive again and blogging regularly.


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I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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