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I first started blogging back in 2002. Those first posts are no longer available here. But, they can be found at archive.org

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  1. a family member August 12, 2007 at 7:09 pm #

    I have found your site quiet intreging. I was online looking for information on homelessness and for a way to reach people on the streets. I recently had a family member murdered. We (her family) had been searching for her for 2 years – we lost her over 8 years ago to meth. Though we knew she was not attempting recovery, several of us wished to share a connection with her in some form. There seems to be such a huge wall of shame a homeless person or an addict chooses to hide behind – and I can see how we on the other side continue to add bricks to the ever growing wall. However, some of us ‘non-homeless’ people have a great desire to love our family members unconditionally – even when we have to sit on opposite side of the wall of shame. I so very much wished there had been a way for us to connect. I wish for noone else to ever have a loved one die without having a chance to share a message of love. My heart is broken over the fact that a simple ‘I love you’ wasn’t heard.

    Do you know of any way where one could find a loved one through the web? – any websites that connect ministries, homeless persons and family members? …if this does not exist, do you see a way how such a site could work?
    I would greatly appreciate your thoughts.
    Thank you.
    A Family Member

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